Finally discovered the corona vaccine..!!

Nigerian researchers claim to have discovered a vaccine against the novel coronavirus (Cavid-19). The vaccine, funded by the (Cavid-19) Research Group, was announced by researchers in the country at a news conference on Friday.


The news was spread by three of Nigeria’s top media outlets. Among them is The Guardian (Nigerian Guardian), the country’s most influential media outlet.

The vaccine is now being developed for people in the African region, Oladipo Kolaole, a professor at the university, told a news conference.

The vaccine will also be given to people in other regions, says Kolaole, a well-known African researcher.

The vaccine was funded by Trinity Immunodicent Laboratory and Helix Biogen Consult.

Researchers claim that the World Health Organisation has not yet commented on the matter. Vaccine discovery is as complex a process as it is time consuming to get global approval. Therefore, nothing final can be said before an independent analysis from the World Health Organisation or any of the top health journals.

Nigerian researchers, however, are very optimistic about the vaccine. At the press conference, they said loudly, this is not a fake in any way.

According to Nigerian media, the name of the vaccine has not been decided yet. It will take more than a year and a half to come to the market after the international analysis.

Julius Olok, a professor at Cornstone University, claims that we have confirmed the vaccine through several tests.

The news of the vaccine is true. While the vaccine is targeted at Africans, it will also work for other ethnic groups. It will definitely work. Will not be fake this result is part of the dedication. After many scientific attempts we have succeeded.



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